Preventing Child Abuse is everyone’s responsibility.

  • Posted on March 12, 2011 at 1:45 pm

I wish I had ALL the answers.  How to prevent child abuse is a problem I would like to solve.  I spent nearly 4 years working at Pierce County Human Services and the last two I supervised both the juvenile justice and child protection units.  Now I work for an agency that promotes peace & belonging.  I know child abuse tears down both. 

To survive the abuse, young people need to build walls.  Walls to numb and block emotions, the walls that keep the pain out, also keep the love and support out.  Surviving child abuse requires developing some unhealthy relationship habits.  The ultimate goal, is keep kids safe.  To protect them.  To teach them new habits for healthy relationships.  You can support local efforts, I am sharing details about an upcoming event, kicking off April at Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Mark your calendar, printable flyer here: brunch_notification_2011[1][1]! 

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month!  Friends of Foster Kids is collaborating with the Pierce County Child Abuse Prevention committee to provide the brunch activity for the month.  Come join us and pick up blue ribbon accessories, eat great food and socialize with fantastic people from the community.   

 We are asking for a free-will donation for the brunch.  The proceeds from the brunch will go towards the Friends of Foster Kids and the “Special Fund” of Pierce County.  Please come join us for this wonderful opportunity to support children in our community. 

 Child Abuse Prevention Cookbooks will be available for sale at the bargain price of $10.

Join us for Brunch and Silent Auction

 WHEN:     Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WHERE:  Zion Covenant Church   210 Beulah Street N  Ellsworth, WI

TIME:       11:00-1:00pm

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  1. Candace Bettendorf says:

    How do we, on the outside, recognize abuse that does not occur in front of us? It’s a scary area.

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