TOMA- Top Of Mind Awareness, promote your business and brand.

  • Posted on February 22, 2011 at 2:40 am

If you hear the term “Restorative Justice” I hope you think of me, or St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice.

I work very hard for TOMA.  T-top, O-of, M-mind, A-awareness.

You never know what is going to stay in the mind of someone else.  I go for touching people’s hearts.  When I speak about what we do at St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice, I consider my audience.  I try to relate to my audience, I have so much to select from.

All of us have made mistakes.  All of us have been hurt.  Restorative Justice is about repairing harm.  Restorative Justice addresses the social and emotional aspects of crime and conflict.

For the last few years, I’ve been circulating in our community, Hudson Daybreak & Noon Rotary Clubs, Hudson Lions Club.  This past summerI was given the opportunity to speak during the Methodist Church service  in River Falls.  I’ve had lunch with the River Falls Lions Club and Kiwanis.   The Hudson probation office, public defenders and St. Croix County Human Services and both counties drug courts have had me visit.  The St. Croix Valley Bar Association hosted me and I talked for the Legal Professionalsas well.  I did a lunch and learn for the Baldwin Area Medical Center.  Chamber breakfast speaker and guest at church confirmation classes, women’s lunch groups, the list goes on.  My goal TOMA.  To remain at the top of the mind.

Where ever I meet people, I want them to recall my name, my agency and our mission.  In case you haven’t seen me speak:  We build a culture of peace and belonging, utilizing restorative justice principles and programs in our community!

I went to the River Falls Chamber, CHOSCARS, dressed as Lady Gaga, at last year’s MTV awards, where she wore a dress of meat.

I had a blast making my costume.  I designed the fake meat, using glow in the dark fabric paint.  I consulted the photos on-line more than once.  I even made my own fake award, since Lady Gaga won an award.  I had a “meat purse”.

Some people didn’t know who I was dressed as, however, I got some TOMA out of it.  Five days after the Chamber event, I was at Rotary.  A collegue who was also at both events . . . she shared watching an awards show that mentioned Lady Gaga’s meat dress.  She knew about it from seeing my dress.  Now that’s TOMA!

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